“Maidan is shielded by the West” - Press secretary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate

“The West provides financial, political, organizational and information protection of the anti-governmental Maidan,” said Vasily Anisimov, head of the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). “For two months, Kiev was visited by many politicians and statesmen, but no one condemned seizures of state institutions, “Molotov cocktails”, beating of the law enforcers, creation of parallel government in the regions. On the contrary, everyone condemns the “excessive use of force”, even imposing sanctions against the officials and pro-government deputies. Therefore the lawlessness grows stronger, and over the last few days has spread to half the country already.”

The press secretary also said that the observed double standards of Western countries and supranational institutions “have already become standard”. “What the Germans, the Americans or even the Czechs cannot dream in the worst nightmare - seizure of the capital city hall, government ministries, the “sea of fire” in the city center, massacres, hundreds of injured and even killed by someone unknown, and where - in Ukraine - is enthusiastically encouraged. Herman Rompuy condemned “the brutality of authorities” demanding the release of detained extremists, which only encourages violence. While Stefan Fuele chided opposition not for slaughter, violence or unconstitutional seizure of power in the regions, but for the fact that the opposition is bad in unification process. After all, it is necessary to place a bet on someone and the opposition cannot unite to elect a single leader who must form some sort of “transitional government”. Already, the western regions of the country are ready to embrace such government, and it also could be recognized by the EU itself. And then to start, as Fuele said, “deconcentration of power”, setting up some European model of Ukraine. Invite NATO peacekeepers, if armed conflict begins. Such scenarios have also been discussed. The opposition is not against this - Yatsenyuk already said that without the mediation of friends from Europe we will not end the crisis."

Representative of the Church agrees, “Both people and business are tired of corruption, rampage of the authorities, authoritarianism, poverty”. However, in his opinion, for the West and its henchmen the things “became unbearable” only after the suspension of Ukraine’s EU integration course: “Especially now, when, thanks to Russia, the country has huge money, real prospects for the revival and development of the economy, raising the social standards. Energy prices have been halved; China signed an agreement on $30 billion of investment projects, etc. Such success is a dream not only for the Ukrainian opposition, but also for the European Union! Undoubtedly, these successes are the major cause of anti-government coup organized by the West. With such a trump card in a civilized, legal field of Ukraine Yanukovych is unbeatable - and we have the Presidential election around the corner. While with Maidan lawlessness, anything is possible.”

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