Crimean Tatars require elections to the Crimean parliament (PHOTO)

Majlis, the illegal ethnic Crimean Tatar parliament, organized a rally in support of EuroMaidan in Simferopol. Most of the time the main speaker, Majlis leader Refat Chubarov, talked about the rights of the Crimean Tatars.

In addition to the EU flag, blue national flags of the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian flags, the crowd of about 700 people also held the banners of “Batkivschyna” faction and vests of “Udar” party; the rally was personally attended by the leaders of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian NGOs known in the Crimea. There were no Crimean flags. In contrast to the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar anthems, there was no Crimean anthem. Also the crowd had held a few posters written in English only.

After the prayers of the Mufti of Crimea and the priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate, Majlis leader and the deputy of the Crimean parliament Refat Chubarov in his speech called for abolishment of the laws adopted by Ukraine’s parliament on January 16, for stopping the prosecution of the members of protest actions, and for passing the laws important primarily to Majlis. These messages took up the larger part of the half-hour speech.

“We demand the adoption of the Law of Ukraine on the restoration of the rights of persons deported on ethnic grounds, the adoption of the Law of Ukraine on the election of deputies of the Supreme Council of Crimea with guaranteed representation of Crimean Tatars to not less than 15% of the total number and the announcement of new elections. The system that exists, it does not allow the Crimean Tatars to have representation at least equal to their numbers in the Crimean population. It is impossible that the Crimean Tatars have only five People's Deputies in the Supreme Council, including one thug who already sold himself out. We cannot always depend on the mathematical majority. Especially if the majority uses very different approaches and principles in our cohabitation. We will lobby this in the new Cabinet of Ministers. We also talk about the representation of Crimean Tatars in the top management of all ministries and departments of the Crimea,” said Chubarov from the rostrum.

He also demanded 40 times larger funding for the Crimean Tatars Return Programme - from five million to 200 million hryvnia per year.

“We will press for the help and protection of the European Community,” summed up Chubarov.

In addition, he accused the Crimean government in spreading panic rumors and provocations.

“Among those who push the country to the abyss, there is a significant part of the deputies of the Supreme Council of Crimea. Today I am to some extent even pitying my colleagues, who became silent extras in the Crimean parliament. They cannot even say a word without a nod from party whips. The destructive activities of the Supreme Council of Crimea and all its members is a special topic. Their statements and appeals aim at territorial division and the split of Ukraine. And today, we were going to hold the rally in the central square of the city but those who want to plunge also the Crimea into chaos and the abyss of hatred, they prepared a sequence of provocation on the square. We personally know these officials and deputies of the Crimea. Ukraine’s Security Service should react to this. In Crimea, for the last 20 years there has been no such an unprecedented intimidation of the population. This was all done from a single center, from one party,” he said.

At the end of the meeting, Chubarov announced the date for the next meeting: on February 23, Majlis going to hold a rally in the center of Simferopol, also with re-election to the Crimean parliament on the agenda.

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