Today in Brussels Russia-EU summit took place

Today Russia-EU summit was held in Brussels. Political and civil crisis in Ukraine became one of the important topics of discussion at the summit. The parties exchanged mutual reproaches, in particular on the inadmissibility of interference into the internal policy or threats.


MP from Germany Knut Fleckenstein called on the European Union and Russia to cooperate in the way of establishment of the dialogue between the government and the opposition in Ukraine. «Ukraine comes close to a civil war, if Russia and the EU won’t unite their efforts to build a dialogue of the authorities and the opposition», Fleckenstein concluded.


In addition to the discussions on Ukraine, the whole spectrum of relations between Russia and the EU was also reviewed. The sides discussed the progress of the joint initiative «Partnership for modernization», as well as the visa regime between the countries.


As a result of the meeting the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the European Council Herman van Rompuy agreed on 100%capacity Opal pipeline utilisation by the Russian «Gasprom».


«It is necessary to set larger, ambitious tasks. One of them is to combine the European and Eurasian integration processes», said the Head of the Russian Federation at press conference following Russia-EU summit.

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