Russia believes that it should cancel the agreements with Ukraine because of resignation of Azarov

According to the first deputy head of the State Duma group Fair Russia Mikhail Yemelyanov, after the resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov Russia should cancel its agreements with Kiev about lowering the price of gas and providing $15 billion credit.

"These arrangements should be disavowed, we should not pay for the European integration at our expense," Yemelyanov said on Tuesday, commenting on resignation of Azarov. "The reaction of Russia should be very rigid. If the European integrators come to power and the prime minister, most likely, is from the opposition, then there is a question, whether or not Russia should pay for the European integration. The regular tranches of various financial infusions, and the price for gas, and other economic issues should be reconsidered. If Europe wants Ukraine, let it pay for it," Yemelyanov stated.

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