The deputies will meet in 2.5 hours to adopt the law about the amnesty

Break in the session of the Parliament of Ukraine till 4:00 p.m. was announced.

According to the speaker Vladimir Rybak, the deputies will meet once again, to adopt the law "About the amnesty."

On January 28 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine abrogated the package of scandalous laws, which were adopted by the parliament on January 16.

Herewith, four of them were left in force: "About the amendments of the article 297 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine" (regarding the responsibility for desecration or destruction of the monuments, constructed to commemorate the memory of those who struggled against the Nazism during the Second World War - the Soviet soldiers-liberators and participants), "About amendments of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the responsibility for denying or justification of the crimes of the Fascism", "About amendment of the article 197 of the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the exemption from taxation for added value of the operations related to import to the customs territory of Ukraine of natural gas" and "About amendments of the Law of Ukraine "About free legal help".

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