Verkhovna Rada was suggested to appoint the elections of the mayor of Kiev on April 6

Verkhovna Rada was offered to appoint the extraordinary elections of the mayor in Kiev, Nikolaev, Kherson and Chernovtsy, as well as of the deputies of Kiev City Council on April 6.

The deputies of Batkivshchyna Yuriy Odarchenko, Alexandr Chernovolenko and Stepan Kurpil registered corresponding resolutions №№4033, 4034, 4035 and 4036 in Verkhovna Rada on January 28.

After Leonid Chernovetskiy resigned from the position of Kiev City Mayor, the secretary of Kiev City Council Galina Gerega performs responsibilities of the City Mayor.

On May 30 the Constitutional Court announced decision, according to which all regular local elections, in particular of Kiev City Mayor and of the deputies of Kiev City Council were scheduled for the last Sunday of October 2015.

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