Two criminal cases were opened against the arsonists of the mayor's office in Krivoy Rog

The department of public relations of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the criminal case was opened against four rebels who attempted to set the building of the mayor's office in Krivoy Rog on fire on January 27.

The malefactors drove up to the building in a vehicle VAZ Kalina, two of them ran out of the car and threw the jerry can with a flammable mixture. As a result the entrance door was set on fire.

All four insurgents were detained on the spot. They are local residents, one of whom was previously trialled: 57-year-old man was trialled for the attempted murder of the candidate in the presidential elections Natalia Vitrenko in 1999 (he threw a grenade at Vitrenko).

4 law enforcement officers were injured during detention of the extremists. They got the following injuries: arm fracture, brain concussion and burns.

The following objects were found in the vehicle of the detainees: 80 bottles with Molotov cocktails, two army helmets, one bike helmet, two bags with respirators, one metal and one wooden stick, knives.

The information about this incident was registered in the General Register of the pre-trial investigations in accordance with part 1 of the article 294 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (mass disturbances) and part  348 (encroachment on the life of a representative of the law enforcement authority).

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