Dobkin: an attempt to attack the Regional State Administration was suppressed by the not indifferent residents of Kharkov

Today during the briefing the head of the Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin stated that there was no attempt of attack of the Regional State Administration, because it was suppressed by not indifferent residents of Kharkov.

He also added that, after the incident, which occurred in the District Administration of Valkovsk, currently all state institutions of Kharkov region are equipped with fire-extinguishing facilities.

"Just the day before I held a meeting, the results of which were intensification of the fire safety measures in all state institutions, local state authorities, including the Regional State Administration. We deployed fire-fighting equipment, brought additional equipment, including that, which could be used to extinguish fire manually. Just the day before, such equipment was delivered to the  District Administration of Valkovsk; therefore, they managed to extinguish the fire quickly, which could destroy the state building with all the documents and people, because some rascals threw some Molotov cocktails into the windows," Mikhail Dobkin said.

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