Kharkov Shevchenko’s factory to participate in missile launches from Baikonur launching site

Russia plans to include the state-owned “Kharkov Shevchenko’s Instrument Factory” in the program on renewing missile equipment systems, shared the factory. In early February, the factory plans to ink the contract with “Military Industrial Corporation ‘Research and Manufacturing Association of Mechanical Engineering’” (Russia). The Shevchenko’s factory will participate in launch maintenance for rockets scheduled for launch from “Baikonur” space launcher complex (Kazakhstan).

The company specified that in December 2013 it received a perpetual license for the manufacture of special-purpose products for the CIS countries. Now the plant runs an order for manufacturing units for “Oplot” tanks. In 2014, the factory plans to get about UAH 60 million of orders.

Shevchenko’s factory produces machinery, communications equipment, automated control systems for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and hydro power stations, equipment for railways and gas industry. Since 2012, it is a part of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.

“Military Industrial Corporation ‘Research and Manufacturing Association of Mechanical Engineering’” is one of Russia’s leading space-rocket companies that develops and manufactures a full range of missile and space technology - carrier rockets, satellites, manned spacecrafts, manned orbital stations and their modules, military ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, etc.

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