Kherson EuroMaidan protesters wounded three policemen

On the evening of January 27, protesters in Kherson stabbed three employees of the regional Criminal Investigation office, informs PR department of the Interior Ministry in in Kherson region.

Two of the injured policemen are in serious condition and have been placed in intensive care: for one of them, doctors had to remove the lien, the other one has a penetrating wound to the chest. Third policemen was stabbed in the knee and shoulder. The perpetrators maintain that the police officers attacked first and were without uniform, so they had no way of knowing the attackers are the police.

Young people who committed the crime have been arrested; they are students at a university in Kherson. “All of them are active and radicalized members of protest actions, the so-called “EuroMaidan” in Kherson. Their actions have been qualified as an attempt to premeditated murder,” says the PR Department.

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