The Regional State Administration, go and work!

The regional administration of Ivano-Frankovsk that "abolished" the Regional State Administration, orders the latter to work.

According to the Ukrainskaya Pravda, the workers of the Regional State Administration, which is being seized by the local "European integrators", are obliged to return to work on Monday.

The head of the local "Headquarters of the National Resistance" Vasily Popovich made this declaration.

Фirtkа informs that, according to him, tomorrow all civil servants should work full day. Particularly this refers to the members of the financial control: "I appeal to all the workers of the administration, tomorrow you will all go the your working places and will work according to the regular schedule. Otherwise, your actions will be interpreted as sabotage and support of the current regime."

As was previously reported, because of the seizure of the building of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy more than 2,000 students of agricultural departments will not receive their scholarships.

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