Arseny Yatsenyuk refused to head the Cabinet

After 4-hours negotiations of Viktor Yanukovych with the representatives of the People's Council, it’s became known about the refusal of Arseny Yatsenyuk to take the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. In addition, the laws adopted on January 16 were withdrawn. The negotiations has been held in the building of the Presidential Administration.This was reported by the Minister of justice Elena Lukash.


The previous meeting on January 25, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych offered Arseny Yatsenyuk the position of Prime Minister, and Vitaly Klitschko - Vice Prime Minister on humanitarian issues. Views of the opposition divided. Yatsenyuk immediately refused the offer, and decided to «bargain», showing his ultimatums for the liberation of the protesters and European integration. Klitschko at the public debate accepted Yanukovych’s offer.

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