The rebels moved out of the Ministry of Justice

Activists of the “Joint Cause” movement moved out of the Justice Ministry on 13, Gorodetsky Street, said the leader of the organization Alexander Danyluk on his Facebook page.

The “Joint Cause” moved out of the Justice Ministry. Activists of the “Joint Cause” move from containment of the Justice Ministry to its blockade,” said the leader and warned that if tomorrow their demands aren’t met, the activists would block all administrative buildings, allowing through only the persons who are directly responsible for the lives and health of people.

The opposition denied any involvement in seizure of administrative buildings.

“In my opinion, capture of the Ministries is provocation, we distance ourselves from this,” said Stepan Kubin, People's Deputy from the Batkivschyna faction at a press conference.

On evening of January 26, protesters took over the building of the Justice Ministry. Criminal proceedings are opened on seizure of an administrative building.

According to the Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, capture of the Ministry of Justice may complicate the overall political situation in the country. Justice Minister Olena Lukash said she intends to appeal to the President asking him to withdraw from the talks with the opposition if the captured Ministry of Justice not released immediately.

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