Police reinforces security of Kharkov Regional State Administration

All public institutions of Kharkov region are under enhanced police protection, reports Natalia Zakharova, head of the PR service in Central Directorate of Interior Ministry in Kharkov region. According to the PR officer, the police have sufficient powers to ensure public order in the region.

The expert notes that the number of police patrols has been increased and they are close to the government buildings. “This is especially true for the Council House, the location of Kharkov Regional State Administration and Kharkov Regional Council,” said Zakharova.

At the main entrance to the building of the Kharkov Regional State Administration (64, Sumskaya Street), there two police patrols in special protective helmets. The officers do not prevent anybody from getting in and out of the building, they just keep order. There are also regular police, cadets of Kharkov Academy of Internal Troops and staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Security of Regional State Administration is armed with protective helmets and shields. There are no carpets in the corridors, fire hoses have been pulled out. In the yard there is a fire truck. The protectors are ready to close the windows with shields, in case of conflict with the strikers.

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