“Winter Eskhar” festival of non-professional song celebrates its 20th jubilee in Kharkov

“Winter Eskhar” non-professional song festival held on 24-25 January in Chuguev region brought together more than a hundred of artists. The festival jury was headed by renowned Moscow singer-songwriter Vadim Yegorov, author of more than 400 poems and 230 songs.

The guest concert at Eskhar was attended by authors and performers from Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Voronezh, Rovno.

This year, the festival honored the anniversary of famed Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky - by running a separate competition concert, where his songs were performed and evaluated. This nomination was won by Kharkov resident Alexander Dovshan.

In the “Singers” category, the awards went to Alexei Kozinets (Sumy), Vladimir Antonov (Zaporozhye), and Anastasia Shapovalova (Kharkov), who also was a winner in 2013. In the category “Young singer”, the victory went to Alexei Khokhlov (Kharkov), for second year running. This year he shared the first place with Catherine Rud from Dnepropetrovsk. In the category "Composer" top prize went to Sergey Rud (Dnepropetrovsk).

Diploma in the nomination “Singers” were given to Konstantin Volkov and Anton Stadnik from Kharkov, in the nomination “Authors” - to Vyacheslav Vas'kin (Dnepropetrovsk), Anna Kolita (Kiev) and Anatoly Los (Kharkov), in the nomination “Band” - to the trio "Sumy" (Sumy).

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