The opposition announces creation of “Independent Authority” in Kiev

Today a meeting of opposition members who have joined the "People's Parliament”, held in the building of the Kiev City Council, announced the creation of Kiev Self-Government Committee. Participants also decided to organize the creation of such self-government committees throughout Ukraine.

Kiev Self-Government Committee was established in December last year for monitoring the situation in the capital and operations of the city government. The Committee is formed of People's Deputies from the “Batkivschyna", “Svoboda” and “Udar” parties, as well as a number of social activists.

According to experts, opposition needs “these power games” to encourage people to new protests and to “keep the Maidan full”. The opposition has exaggerated its significance - yet none of the promises have been fulfilled, say the experts. The presidential candidates (Yatsenyuk, Klitchko and Tyahnibok), while demanding resignation of the current government, are not in favor with the people.

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