The rally in support of the current government took place in the Crimea

According to the press service of the Crimean republican organization of the Party of Regions, the rally in support of the current government has taken place today in the Crimea.

The participants of the peaceful rally came to the main square of the capital of the autonomy carrying banners "No! To Bandera! ", "Blood on Maidan is the fault of extremists", "No to Foreign Interference! ", "No to Fascism!", "No! To Double Foreign Standards! ", "The Residents of the Crimea Support President Yanukovych!", "Crimea is for Stability", "Fighters of Maidan must be Brought to Liability! ", "We will not Let the coup d’état!"

The deputies of the Crimean parliament, of Simferopol City Council made speeches from the stage on Lenin Square with the appeal to the residents of the Crimea not to allow mass unrest on the territory of the Crimea.

One of the speakers noted, "We have to show the unity and strength of the Crimea, to show that the Crimea would not let the enemy in, the enemy has nothing to do in the Crimea."

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