Kharkov police guards EuroMaidan again (updated)

Today, several dozen people in sportswear attempted an attack on the protesters of Kharkov EuroMaidan, who gathered by the Shevchenko monument. The masked attackers were armed with bats. They tried to break through to the scene and smashed the camera of the operator of a Kharkov TV channel.

Police, stood on the perimeter of the rally and quickly defused the offenders, four of whom were detained. According to eyewitnesses, the police grabs alcohol bottles from the attackers and pours its contents onto the snow.

Yobs in sportswear retracted towards Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre and are currently walking in the Shevchenko Gardens. They fenced off from EuroMaidan by the police.

The rally has ended. The protesters are going home. “Gryphon” special forces cut through the thugs’ crowd and let the people to enter the metro station.

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