Yet another uneventful EuroMaidan in Kharkov

Despite numerous warnings about possible provocations and a crackdown, EuroMaidan in Kharkov was uneventful, again.

A column of about two thousand protesters marched from the monument to the Soldier Liberator on 23 August Street through the Lenin Avenue to Freedom Square. Near the Karazin’s Kharkov State University, protesters were attacked by a group of aggressive thugs in tracksuits. They threw at EuroMaidan protesters snowballs, ice chunks and firecrackers. Police responded quickly to the provocation and stopped the battle. Thugs broke the camera of the operator from TV channel “1+1” and tried to take away the camera of regional TV operator.

Later, while the majority of people stood at a rally near the Shevchenko monument, near the Lenin monument on the Liberty Square a fight started between the ultras of “Metalist” FC and unidentified thugs in sportswear. Police quickly stopped the fight and the yobs swiftly left the area.

The information about possible provocations continues to arrive but people gradually disperse from the city centre. Kharkov Regional State Administration building is protected by reinforced police on the perimeter.

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