Opposition covertly adopts Yanukovych proposals

Opposition from the Maidan scene commented the President's proposal on deploying two of the three opposition members in the government.

"Our position is clear - revoke these laws, period. Our requirements: presidential elections later this year. And we will not back down. We hold our positions on the Maidan and in the regions. There are no extremists here. We are peaceful people who protect their rights. The talks are continuing. But we will not succumb to any provocations,” said Klitchko.

Yatsenyuk said that he understands the Yanukovych proposal as the authority’s recognition of its impotence.

"Viktor Yanukovych said that the government is not ready to be responsible for the country and invited the opposition to lead the government. What is our response: we are not afraid of responsibility for the fate of the country, we take this responsibility, we are ready to lead the country into the European Union, which means freeing of Yulia Timoshenko and Ukraine as part of Europe,” said Yatsenyuk speaking from the Maidan scene.

“We do not yield on any position. Tuesday is the day of judgment (28 January is the day of extraordinary session of Ukrainian parliament). We do not believe any of their words. We believe only actions and results, which will be provided by Ukraine, this Maidan, by every one of us,” he added.

"Yanukovych is not the same ... The process has been started, Ukrainians will undoubtedly win,” said Oleg Tyahnibok, the third opposition leader.

According to him, the position of the head of state was affected by seizures of State Administration buildings in the regions of Ukraine.

“This is, friends, a second front, this is a direct action,” said the head of the “Svoboda” party.

Today, as a result of talks between authorities and the opposition in the Presidential Administration, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was offered the post of Prime Minister, Vitali Klitchko - Deputy Prime Minister. In return, the country must stop protesting.

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