People’s movement gave Maidan protesters no chance to picket «Berkut» base in Simferopol (PHOTO), VIDEO)

Today in Simferopol 40 opposition supporters tried to picket «Berkut» base. At the gates of the base Evromaidan supporters met their «Stop Maidan» opponents, which was organized in Simferopol not long ago, and members of the liberation movement of the Crimea.

Defenders of order lined up in a row, protecting gates of the base. Attempts of Evromaidan supporters to shout out slogans were choked by louder shouts in support of «Berkut».of the Crimeans. In response to shouts of "Long live, Ukraine!» Crimeans shouted «Long live Berkut!», «Crimea is not Maydan», «Fascism will not pass!», and in contrast to the anthem of Ukraine started to sing "stand up, great country...".

It is noteworthy that in the first series Maidan participants put a stroller with an baby, and that caused huge indignation of the Evromaidan protesters. The main speaker from the Evromaidan’s side was Evgeniy Noviczkiy. He said that no police officer was hurt. After these words Antimaidan supporters finally muffled him down, and the Crimean residents, living in the area, began shoting, joining them. Watching a truly widespread people’s support, the Maidan protesters quickly left the place. The whole action lasted no more than half an hour.

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