Transcarpathia holds on

Surrounded by captured by militants western regions of Ukraine, Transcarpathia holds on. Today, there is a protest rally in Uzhgorod against the Galician extremists who intend to capture the Regional Administration and other administrative buildings. The protesters are calling for blocking gas supply to Europe if it continues to support radical militants.

Major pipelines that supply Europe with energy carriers pass through the Transcarpathia region.

Meanwhile, the peaceful protesters standing in front of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration have been approached by masked activists. They stand under the flag of “Freedom” party. Perhaps the masked men are the radicals whose arrival had been reported earlier.

A small fight between the groups has been recorded. Uzhgorod activists who gathered for the peaceful rally approached the unknown demanding to remove the mask and show the face.

In addition, currently about 300 Transcarpathia residents blocking Verenetsky mountain pass to prevent the militants from entering the area.

Earlier the media reported on anticipated train from Lvov region to Uzhgorod with several hundred militants whose mission is to capture the RSA.

"May God save our Transcarpathia region from radicalism from the EAST!" - write Transcarpathia residents on on the forums.

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