Kharkov police chief urged the protesters to stay calm

“Currently in the country there are various public events with the participation of representatives of political parties, movements and the public. I appeal to you to remain calm and refrain from violations of public order. Kharkov police is working in emergency mode duly providing protection of office buildings, following the law to fulfill its responsibilities on preventing violations of public order and illegal activities in the region,” reads the statement, of Oleg Demchenko, head of Central Directorate of Ministry of Interior in Kharkov region.

As emphasized in the statement, “regretfully, some destructive forces are trying to solve their own interests by using illegal means, involving the public in their unconstitutional actions. They get the people on the streets and squares, incite them to take illegal actions, provoke radical actions. Law enforcers of Kharkov region are sure that any issues should be resolved by legal means, exclusively in the legal field, based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law, without the pressure and violence.”

Media has earlier informed that ultras of the Metallist FC are planning to join the Kharkov EuroMaidan, which will be held this Saturday, January 25, at 18.00 near the Shevchenko monument.

Also, Kharkov NGO “Oplot" has informed of a possible seizure of Kharkov Regional Administration by protesters.

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