Kharkov Mayor urged the protesters to remain lawful

“I urge members of political protests to behave sensibly and within the law. Capture of government buildings is a punishable act, and the law is on the side of the security forces. Do not start a war which you cannot win. In Kharkov, there is power and the will to stop those wanting to be a hero and shed blood,” reads the statement of Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes.

He stressed referring to the football fans who call themselves “Ultras”, “Kharkov is not a football field, and life is not a game. Do not use the political situation as an excuse to show aggression. If you are patriots and like the "Metalist” FC, you shouldn’t go the same way as those who are rocking the situation in Kharkov.”

Media has earlier informed that ultras of the Metallist FC are planning to join the Kharkov EuroMaidan, which will be held this Saturday, January 25, at 18.00 near Shevchenko monument.

Also, Kharkov NGO “Oplot" has informed of a possible seizure of Kharkov Regional Administration by protesters.

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