Peaceful solution is impossible - the Minister of Interior

The Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko addressed the citizens of Ukraine and “representatives of foreign governments”.

“The events of recent days in the capital of Ukraine showed that our efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict without resorting to violence remain in vain,” the statement says, “Our calls are not heard, truce agreements are violated.”

Yet again, pave stones and “Molotov cocktails” are flying to the side of the police, which does not resort to the use of force as negotiations between the government and opposition continue, a house has been set on fire.

Radical People's Deputy Oleg Lyashko urged to detain and attack police officers. As a consequence, last night one policeman was shot in the head, three law enforcement officers - captured at the Independence Square. One, with a penetrating wound of the chest, is in a serious condition in hospital, two more remain in the building of the Kiev City State Administration.

According to intelligence information received by police officers, firearms are being accumulated in the House of Trade Unions and the KSCA.

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