In Vinnitsa militants storm Regional Administration premises; assaults are on in Chernigov and Poltava

People's Deputy Andriy Shevchenko said on his social network page that the assaults are managed directly by the People's Deputies from the parliament. According to Shevchenko, there are sounds of explosions in Regional Council building, gas valves have been opened. About 10.30am the protesters occupied the first floor of the Vinnytsa Regional Administration building. Riot police protects the building, using stun grenades.

At 10.40am, Freedom party announced seizure of the building by militants who are demanding resignation of the head of the regional administration. On the same premises, there is a session of the Regional Council - the rebels are already in the session hall, demanding the deputies from the Party of Regions to resign. The protesters also demanded the resignation of the Governor, Ivan Movchan.

Head of the regional police Victor Rusin tried to persuade people to calm down so that the deputies of the Regional Council may vote on the statement regarding the political situation, but the people stood their ground.

The People's Deputies began to leave Regional Council premises through backdoors. The governor also left the premises, walking inside the ring of police officers.

The law enforcers also left the building but are now standing in front of it; ambulances drive people injured during the clashes to hospitals. The number of injured is yet unknown.

Information about the event has been included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. Investigation Department of Interior Ministry in the Vinnytsa region opened a criminal case on the grounds of Article 341 Part 1 - "Capture of the state or public buildings or structures”, punishable by arrest for up to six months or custodial restraint for up to three years, or imprisonment for the same period, said the police.

According to the “Ukrainian Truth” newspaper, at 12.00 the militants plan to start storming the Poltava Regional Administration. Riot police has already been summoned to the location. There are also locals who call to defend the building and are going to fight the invaders.

According to the regional “Chernihiv Land" newspaper, at about 12:00 Chernigov protesters led by the People's Deputies Oleg Lyashko, Valery Dubil’ and Sergey Avrechenko began storming Chernigov Regional Administration.The police used stun grenades and tear gas. Now the protesters broke down the doors at the entrance to RSA and occupied the 1st floor. The negotiations with the police are under way.

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