A store burned on Hrushevskoho Street

Tonight, a store was set on fire on Hrushevskoho Street; the Lobanovsky stadium is also burning.

The fire in the store started at 1am. During the rescue operation, firefighters evacuated four people from the upper floors of this building.

Their actions were complicated as firefighting vehicles were unable to approach the burning building. Later, the PR office of the Interior Ministry stated, “firefighters were saving a house on Hrushevskoho Street from fire, under a flurry of stones and firebombs. These dangerous items were thrown onto them by participants of the mass riots.

"Berkut” riot police was protecting the firefighters with their shields.”

About 3am, Lobanovsky stadium started burning. Espresso TV reported that the lawn surface and tires stacked along the perimeter of the stadium are burning.

Fires occurred after protesters started to burn barricades so that the smoke prevents a possible attack of the "Berkut". For this, barricades are covered with tires. These are passed by hand, in a human chain.

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