Jesus Christ was with us on Hrushevskoho

Monks of Desyatinny monastery shared their experiences about Hrushevskoho Street.

The statement of the monks has been published on the “Orthodox world” website. Here is the full text:

We, miserable monks of Desyatinny monastery, who know the power of prayer and therefore stood for a prayer between the opposing sides of the fratricidal conflict, testify that there were invisible to us the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin.

This was understood, felt and sensed by all those who are not afraid to stand with us shoulder to shoulder there for the prayer.

The Lord stopped for a while the fratricidal confrontation.

Dear brothers and sisters! Only prayer today is the key to prosperity and confidence in the future. The guarantee that there will be more deaths and injuries, no hate and evil in people's hearts. The key to initiation in the ultimate and eternal. Salvation of the soul of each person.

Let us pray and ask the Lord to stop the bloody conflict through the mutual forgiveness for the sake of a peaceful future for Ukraine.

God's mercy is eternal, there is no number to it!

Celibate priest Melchizedek, monk Gabriel, monk Ephraim. Kiev, January 25, 2014.

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