How a stone hit the monk (video)

On the night January 25, monks of Desyatinny monastery along with the believers again stopped the confrontation on Hrushevskoho St. - until they were stoned. However, tonight they will continue their peacekeeping activities.

Monks for the second time succeed to suspend, at least temporarily, the confrontation on the Hrushevskoho Street. Last night, the prayer was stopped by a stone that hit one of the monks.

But tonight monks and believers want to continue praying and invite other believers to join them.

“Brothers and sisters! Now is the time to make mark! We decided, with the brethren of Desyatinny monastery, to resume standing in prayer between the conflicting sides," wrote Archimandrite Alypius (Svetlichny) on his Facebook page.

The priest called for standing in the neutral zone with a prayer. “If anyone has the confidence, come and support us. Bring your icons, relics. Bring, just in case, medical masks, so you can breathe in the smoke. Dress warmly. Come with prayer books. Peace be upon you," he writes.

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