The political expert: the opposition does not control the situation on Maidan

According to Kharkov political expert Vladimir Nikitin, people were gathered on Maidan from all over Ukraine during 2 months; they were prepared morally, psychologically and physically for the active protest.

He noted that the accumulated by people aggression should be released.  The process started when the opposition fell apart in its helplessness, and today has no control of the situation in the center of the capital of the city.

"The entire two-month Maidan is one powerful form of mental impact. There is an element of organization: who brought so many car tires to Maidan, which are being burned.  There are hundreds of thousands of them! Who dressed people up into the American camouflage, which costs a lot of money? Who organized the first catapult and the second one? There is a huge, talented staged organizational work of high quality on Maidan," Vladimir Nikitin stressed.

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