The political expert: the current situation in Ukraine should be resolved at the legal level

Kharkov political expert Yulia Bidenko stressed that the events in the capital city of Ukraine currently have two scenarios of development. The pessimistic scenario is associated with the escalation of violence, increase of the number of victims, first and foremost, among the peaceful part of the population and introduction of the state of emergency.

"The more optimistic scenario is negotiations with mutual concessions, because a compromise is concessions by both parties. And they begin to gain a real form only now," Yulia Bidenko said.

She also stressed that, in the current situation the influence of any foreign partner or neighbor, no matter from what side it would be, would be extremely undesirable. "Especially if we are talking about the direct intervention, this will be a collapse of the Ukrainian statehood. As long as there is a possibility to return to the legal level, to resolve the situation with our own politicians, irrespectively of the fact to what party they belong, with the help of the legitimately elected Verkhovna Rada and the President, we should use these mechanisms," she noted.

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