Elmar Brock: the Ukrainian government may temporize, but Europe will apply pressure

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Elmar Brock informed that European diplomats will visit Kiev in the next 10 days. They intend to examine the situation in the country and decide to whom the sanctions should be applied.

He did not exclude that Europe would have to make pressure, to overcome the situation in Ukraine.

"Yanukovych is trying to gain time and pretends doing something, but in fact he does nothing. Thus, waiting until the opposition and the people in the streets will get tired.   He wants to continue the practice of the total control of his power and of rapprochement with Russia. But we will make pressure. We hope for the crucial moment in the subsequent days," TSN quotes Mr. Brock.

He also reported that the decision about the sanctions towards the representatives of the authorities will be made after the results of the visit to Kiev

"Now, it is determined who may fall under the sanctions. If nothing will change, if Yanukovych will continue to conduct policy against his own people, then we will cancel the visas of those people, who are responsible for this, who committed criminal acts. And it would be possible to block the bank accounts of several oligarchs in European banks. There are legal methods that allow doing it," Brock said.

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