The lawyers’ council of Kharkov region: the criminal responsibility for extremism should be toughened

According to the official website of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, the council of the lawyers of Kharkov region expressed its outrage with the events happening in Kiev. Its representatives believe that the leaders of the opposition strive to obtain power by any means and, therefore, deliberately create the confrontation between the Ukrainians. Therefore, the center of Kiev has become a dump and protesters violate the rules of public order.

The council of the lawyers supports "introduction of stricter measures towards the people, who, using impunity, destabilize the state and lead it to a split." Also "the criminal responsibility for extremist activities, which is spread in the society and undermines the foundations of the state system, should be made stricter."

Representatives of the Council note that in most democratic countries of Europe, there is a strict punishment with large fines and imprisonment for the use of masks, helmets, open fire, fireworks, weapons and other items, designed to commit illegal acts. What is happening in the streets of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, is a threat to the national security, territorial integrity of the state and leads to chaos and anarchy.

The Council of lawyers of Kharkov region supports the laws that Verkhovna Rada adopted on January 16, because "the proposed changes are consistent with the international practice." For example, criminal liability for libel is stipulated by the legislation of many European countries, in particular, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

"The laws, adopted on January 16, 2014 by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, meet the interests of the state to ensure the constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens and require immediate implementation throughout the whole territory of Ukraine by all bodies, officials and citizens," the Council of Lawyers of Kharkov Region considers.

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