Helmets and bats are being purchased in Kiev on a mass scale

Kiev residents do not purchase food products on a mass scale, but all helmets and bats have already been sold out.

The markets of construction goods mark the growth of sales of the protective equipment: helmets, masks, respirators. "We have no helmets; all of them were sold out. We are going to order a new delivery, but the goods will be available in shops only in several days," the representatives of the information department of the supermarket New Line in Troyeshchyna told the correspondent of Vesti.

The reporter of Vesti noted agiotage in the shops specializing in sports goods. "There are only two bats left, which cost 119 UAH. There are helmets for skiing to protect the head which cost 200 UAH, 600 UAH and 1,000 UAH. They were bought very actively on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are approximately ten helmets left, but there are no helmets left which cost 200 UAH," told the manager of the retail store Sport Master, which is located in Lesya Ukrainka Street, 28. But you can buy respirators without problems: one can find cheap ones, which cost 11 UAH, and special masks, which cost 159 UAH, in the supermarkets specializing in construction goods.

People are not staking food products.

The trade networks informed Vesti that Kiev residents do not purchase food products on a mass scale. "For today there is no increased demand of any of the foodstuffs. People buy products as usually. The goods are delivered to the warehouses according to the supply schedule," the representative of the Retail-Group (Velyka Kyshenya, Alta-Center, Equator and Wellmart) Elena Razumova told us.

According to her, warehouses of the stocks of the trade networks have enough goods for 2-3 days (depending on the size of the store). Other experts also assure that there should not be the shortage of food products.

"We have not noticed changes in consumer sentiments of Kiev residents. We always have the necessary stock of long-term storage goods: grocery, canned food, cereals, flour, sweets and other," the general director of the network ECO Market Alexandr Ferenets assured Vesti.

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