The blood of Ukrainians is funded by the money of the Western countries

According to the statement approved by the political party Russian Unity on January 23, the attempt of coup d’état in Ukraine is a consequence of efforts of the "puppeteers" from the Western states.

"Millions of dollars, funding the organization of "Kiev supper", are not of the domestic origin. It is the money of the Western countries that pays for the blood of our compatriots, violence and pogroms!" the statement says.

The document also said: "Instead of rendering economical help to Ukraine the West directed financial resources to support political radicals. The opposition figures did not simply bring their storm troopers in Kiev. They feed them, arm them and pay them daily allowance for each day of stay on Euromaidan. Thus, the residents of Euromaidan and their supporters are well paid contractors of the "American apparatus".

The party also noted that the fight of the Western states against Russia was held on the territory of Ukraine. It is clear that the course of Ukraine for rapprochement with Russia and with other parties of the Customs Union caused rejection of the West. The presidium of the political force demanded in its statement that the Western states stop the unprecedented pressure on Ukraine.

"Intervention of the foreign states in the internal affairs of our country is unacceptable in any form. We call on the law enforcement authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to take all possible measures to neutralize and prevent any attempts by the "Western democracy" to influence the political developments in Ukraine," is declared in the statement.

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