The officers of Berkut were not torturing the detainee with frost, but rescued him from self-immolation

The video on which the soldiers of the Berkut are taking pictures with the naked protester initiated the charges of the national security in tortures. In reality, the soldiers of Berkut tore down the detainee's clothing trying to prevent his self-immolation.

"The video, on which the national security laughed at the unknown naked man and made pictures with him in the frost, appeared in the Internet," the TSN informs, demonstrating the amateur video. Later the commandant of Euromaidan Andrei Parubiy named the activist. He said that his name is Mikhail Gavrilyak.

The web site The Lawyer Consulting refutes this version. According to the author of the article, on this video the Kharkov soldiers of the Berkut rescued Gavrilyak from death in fire as the protester previously poured himself with petrol and threatened with self-immolation Gavrilyak was seized, tied up and released from soaked in petrol closing. The guy was delivered to the bus naked, where he was photographed as a memento and was given a gentle clip.

One can see a fireman with an extinguisher, who accompanies the detainee, on another video.

"On the naked body one can see bruisers; obviously, Mikhail takes active part in attacks of the Berkut and of the internal troops in Hrushevskogo Street. There is information that he is a member of the fighting squadron and is one of the most accurate throwers of Molotov cocktails, it was he who bombed the police from the roof of the balustrade of the stadium," the web site informs.

This is a normal practice of the special forces soldiers to ensure the security of the detained storm troopers of Euromaidan.

"The fact is that the police take the most active participants of mass disturbances from the crowd, the clothing of many of them is totally soaked or has stains of the highly inflammable mixtures, the bottles with which they or their neighbors are continually throwing at the defenders of the government district. Is it necessary to explain after this why the flammable clothing is removed, and its owners are poured with water?" the journalist and the author of the article Andrey Borodavka put a rhetorical question.

In the meantime, because of the fuss made by the mass media about this fact the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has already started the official check up.

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