Organizers of the coup prepare a bloody climax - Party of Regions

Organizers of the coup against the state step by step preparing their radical supporters to a bloody climax, reads the official statement of the Party of Regions.

The opposition opened a bloody count for their dirty political games - the lives of three young people were sacrificed to the excessive ambitions of the wannabe trio.

A fall led to a tragic death of opposition activist, who was organizing, by the order of Maidan leaders, targeted bombing using "Molotov cocktails" from 13-metres-high colonnade of Lobanovsky’s "Dynamo" stadium. Two more activists under extremely mysterious circumstances suffered deadly gunshot wounds.

We are confident that the necessary investigative actions, forensic examinations will give the answers to all the questions posed by the society, will find executors and ordering party of these heinous crimes. However, today it is necessary to answer the question, who gains from the death of civic activists.

In the past few weeks, a very disturbing trend is seen clearly - the opposition leaders and their spin-doctors persistently and purposefully try, using all possible means, to provoke a tough phase of confrontation, to mobilize their supporters for radical steps, to create an image of "innocent victim" who suffered in the fight with the authorities. Every day the media and social networks mass-replicated information about “loosened nuts on the wheels of opposition cars”, “missing and brutally beaten up activists”. And every day there are more such “stories”, their content - ever more horrid.

Given the dramatic events of January 19, it becomes apparent that the organizers of the coup against the state step by step preparing their radical supporters to a bloody climax.

We would hope that the opposition will be wise enough to halt in time, not to move beyond the line that separates the country from civil war, bloody and senseless slaughter. We appeal to Maidan leaders not to destroy Ukraine, to immediately abandon the language of ultimatums, to withdraw their supporters from street barricades, to join the talks, to find in a civilized discussion a way out of this situation.

We appeal to the opposition to reject personal ambition, to be guided by the interests of the country and all the people of Ukraine rather than by short-term political gain and wishes of Maidan or yet another National Council.

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