The Crimean residents initiate a “Stop Maidan” movement

The Crimean residents have started a “Stop Maidan” movement. Presentation of the new all-Crimean project was held in Simferopol on January 23.

Journalist Nikolai Filippov, a member of the organizing committee, explained that any resident of the peninsula can join the "Stop Maidan" movement and appealed to everyone who are not indifferent to what is happening in the country to join the civil movement.

"We appeal to all Crimea residents for support and participation. One of the main objectives - to inform our citizens of the danger that is looming over us. We oppose violence; we are against the technologies where the laws stop working, when the authorities, which many might not like, are replaced by a completely arbitrary group of people through technology and through blood. And then everybody pays for it,” said the activist.

Presenting the project, members of the movement unveiled the "Manifesto of Crimea residents" that states, “the driving force of the Maidan was and remains a thirst for power”.

“The instigators of the Maidan have long lost control of the situation. The driving force of the Maidan was and remains a thirst for power. Without the unanimous support of the entire country, except for the three regions, these enemies of the state with the help of angry militants launched a military action, trying to mount a coup and impose their will on the people of Ukraine,” states the document.

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