The former editor in chief of the periodical Correspondent published cell phone numbers of the deputies of Verkhovna Rada on his web page in Facebook

The former editor in chief of the periodical Correspondent Vitaliy Sych posted the list of surnames, names and cell phone numbers of deputies of Verkhovna Rada in social networks. He urges to call the deputies and demand abrogation of the laws, adopted on January 16. The list contains the names of the deputies of all the groups, but they are called deputies of the Party of Regions.

Sych wrote: "I would have never done it under other circumstances. Moreover, I personally know many of these people, and I was on good terms with them.

But now it is not the time to talk about ethics. No power is given to a person to kill and maim their citizens. I do not appeal to offend. It is better to demand abrogation of the laws approved on January 16, which almost implement dictatorship in the country, demand impeachment of the government and Viktor Yanukovych. The cell phone numbers are real, I confirm it basing on those personal contacts that I have in my possession.

I still believe that the settlement of the issue should occur in the parliament at an extraordinary session. Viktor Yanukovych is, obviously, anatomically not capable of concessions and compromises.

And all the deputies and their families still have to live among us in the free city of Kiev."

The list of Sych:

Cell phone numbers of the deputies of the Party of Regions:

Azarov Alexey Nikolaevich

Arkallaev Nurulislam Gadzhievich

Atroshenko Vladislav Anatolievich

Bagraev Nikolay Georgievich

Baysarov Leonid Vladimirovich

Balitskiy Yevgeniy Vitalievich

Bandurov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Barvinenko Vitaliy Dmitrievich

Bakhteeva Tatiana Dmitrievna

Bezbakh Yakov Yakovlevich

Berezhnaya Irina Grigorievna

Berezkin Stanislav Semenovich

Belyi Alexey Petrovich

Belovol Alexandr Nikolaevich

Balavatskiy Mikhail Vasilievich

Blagodir Yuriy Anatolievich

Bliznyk Anatoliy Mikhailovich

Bobkov Aleksandr Mikhailovich

Bobov Gennady Borisovich

Boguslaev Vyacheslav Alexandrovich

Boyko Vladimir Semenovich

Bondar Viktor Vasilievich

Bondarenko Elena Anatolievna

Bort Vitaliy Petrovich

Boyarskiy Yuriy Ivanovich

Brayko Sergey Borisovich

Buryak Sergey Vasilievich

Butkovskiy Viktor Vladimirovich

Bushko Ivan Ivanovich

Vasadze Tariel Shakrovich

Vasiliev Gennady Andreevich

Vasiliev Alexandr Andreevich

Vecherko Vladimir Nikolaevich

Volkov Aleksandr Anatolievich

Volkov Aleksandr Mikhailovich

Voropaev Yuriy Nikolaevich

Gaydash Ishtvan Ferentsovich

Gelevey Oleg Ivanovich

Gerega Alexandr Vladimirovich

Gerzhov Yuriy Ivanovich

German Anna Nikolaevna

Geller Yevgeniy Borisovich

Girshfeld Anatoliy Moiseevich

Glazunov Sergey Nikolaevich

Goncharov Anatoliy Dmitrievich

Gorina Irina Anatolievna

Gorokhov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Grinevetskiy Sergey Rafailovich

Grubaya Grigoriy Ivanovich

Grushevskiy Vitaliy Anatolievich

Gubar Viktor Ivanovich

Guzenko Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Deych Boris Davidovich

Demidko Vladimir Nikolaevich

Demishkan Vladimir Fedorovich

Demyanko Nikolay Ivanovich

Denisenko Anatoliy Petrovich

Denisova Lydmila Leontievna

Derevlyaniy Vasiliy Timofeevich

Derkach Andrey Leonidovich

Dzhiga Nikolay Vasilievich

Dzoz Vitalina Alekseevna

Dmitruk Nikolay Ilich

Dobkin Dmitriy Makarovich

Dolzhenkov Aleksandr Valerievich

Dudka Vladimir Vladimirovich

and many others.

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