The deputies of Party of Regions require that the opposition takes people away from the streets and begins a dialog

According to the statement of Kharkov Regional Organization of the Party of Regions, published on its web site, it is deeply concerned about the events happening during three days in the heart of Kiev.

The statement emphasizes "the inability of the politicians of the opposition to take responsibility for the start of the bloody confrontation, which separated the Ukrainian society with barricades that indicates the medieval concept of tyagnyboks, yatsenyks and klichkos about the political dialog".

"The consciousness of a sluggard, who is going to seize the current power in the country with the help of a catapult. Is it Europe that we are building at our home? We call on everyone, who cares about the integrity of our state, not to let us be drawn into the abyss of chaos and impunity," is said in the statement of Kharkov Regional Organization of Party of Regions.

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