The deputies of Odessa Regional Council called on the President to ensure the national security of the state

The deputies of Odessa Regional Council adopted the appeal to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, in which they called on him to ensure the national security of the state and public order in the country, as well as to protect the rights of civilians.

The deputies adopted the corresponding decision during the plenary session of the regional council on January 22.

According to the appeal, the events in Kiev, including, the mass disorders, pogroms, capture of administrative buildings, acts of vandalism and extremism, have nothing to do with peaceful protests. All this has gone beyond the legal field, and, in fact, is an attempt to overthrow legitimate government of the country.

"Distribution of extremist sentiments in the public consciousness, emergence of corresponding radical organizations and bearers of extreme, radical views have become a direct prerequisite to an outbreak of violence, which is used to overthrow the constitutional order and the illegal seizure of power," is said in the appeal.

According to the deputies, the call of the President of the Ukraine to the dialog did not find response from the opposition, who put the country on the edge of division; and today decisive measures for the protection of national security of Ukraine need to be taken.

"Dear Viktor Fedorovich, the Regional Council appeals to you expressing the confidence of the territorial communities of Odessa region and support of your actions to ensure public order, to protect the rights of civilians, to preserve our state and to increase its force and authority. As well, we appeal with the request to take decisive steps of adequate nature and scale to the threat to the national interests without delay," representatives of the region addressed the President of Ukraine.

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