Protesters seized the administration of Lvov

The correspondent of Lvov portal informs play-by-play that several thousands of Lvov residents seized Lvov Regional Administration and intend to create the people's council.

According to him, at about 12 a.m. a few thousand people gathered in front of Lvov Regional State Administration to participate in the rally in the framework of the all-Ukrainian strike.

They demanded that the chairman of the Regional State Administration Oleg Salo came to the square and expressed his attitude to the events that were happening in the country. However, without waiting for him to come out, people started shouting "Government to people!", and some of the most radical ones called on to enter the building and take the power directly into their own hands.

The head of the city police Sergey Zubanenko tried to calm down the crowd, but they would not listen to him, and, on the contrary, started to massively enter the building .

Currently several thousand residents of Lvov are in Lvov Regional State Administration; some of them enter the offices of the officials and suggest to get acquainted with them.  The majority remains in the corridors.

The protesters say that they will block the work of Lvov Regional State Administration till the victory of the revolution.

According to the correspondent, there are no organizers of the seizure, the action looks spontaneous.

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