Timoshenko demands to be delivered to court tomorrow

The press service of Batkivshchina has reported that the ex-prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko appealed the administration of Kachanovskaya penal colony with a statement, in which she required to deliver her to the court hearing of the case on the activities of the corporation Unified Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU).

The court hearing will be held tomorrow, on January 24.

In addition, the ex-prime minister requires that continuous video registration of all the process of transportation is performed, starting with the message about convoying and finishing with delivery to the court.

The case on UESU was opened in October 2011 for the attempt of embezzlement of funds of the state budget of Ukraine on an especially large scale.

The first trial hearing in the case of UESU was held on April 19, 2012 in Kiev district court of Kharkov. However, since then the court did not actually advance in consideration of the case: Tymoshenko had never been present at the trial hearings, refusing from being convoyed to the court room.

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