The security measures at the Russian-Ukrainian border were intensified

Intensified inspections at the Russian-Ukrainian border are held in connection with the Olympic Winter Games in Russia. According to the information of the East Regional Administration of the State Frontier Service of Ukraine, the main aim of the frontier guards is to reveal illegal border crossings, transfers of arms, ammunition and drug substances.

During the Olympiad the passenger and transport flow will increase considerably, because many people will travel to Russia through the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, border guards will focus on intensification of passport control, thorough inspections in connection with possible transfers of terroristic means across the border and will be in constant readiness in case of deterioration of the situation.  For this purpose the crossing points will be reinforced with staff and equipment. In addition mobile subdivisions and airplane Diamond DA-42 will be in full readiness.

From the beginning of February all the of East Regional Office will be transferred to an intensified regime of protection of the state border.

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