Protest rally against extremism took place in the Crimea

Protest rally against extremist actions of the opposition and massive unrest in the capital of Ukraine took place in Simferopol.

The peaceful gathering, which was held on the main square of the capital of the autonomy, was attended by the representatives of the parties Russian Unity and Russian Community of the Crimea, as well as the participants of the Crimean rally Stop Maidan!

"Fascism will not pass! ", "Bandera followers get out of the Crimea!", "Shame! ", "No to extremism!" were the main slogans, which the rally participants gave publicity.

"We are all tired of wild outburst of contractors of the so-called opposition in Kiev," the representative of the party Russian Unity Mikhail Sheremet noted. "We are tired of lawlessness, and of violations of the law and morality. They are provoking law enforcement authorities to use force, and challenge law-abiding citizens of Ukraine. The vandals destroy monuments; leave dirt, devastation, chaos after them. This brown plague is capable of any meanness and intends to pursue till the end."

In his turn, the chair of the Simferopol organization of the Russian Community of the Crimea Valeriy Ilichev stated that provocateurs practically proceeded to implementation of the coup d’état. "In this difficult moment we should unite, stand shoulder to shoulder for the defense of our Homeland".

The participants of the rally Stop Maidan also expressed the requirement to stop attempts of the forceful seizure of power and to stop escalation of violence in the country.

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