The Ukrainians initiate mass demonstrations in Europe and the US

In connection with the events in Kiev, Ukrainians in the US and Europe ask the West to intervene in what is happening in Ukraine and stop the violence and have already set up a number of public rallies. In particular, hundreds of Ukrainians in New York holding the banners calling for action blocked the entrance to the UN building.

Ukrainian activists also planned an action at the White House in Washington and in Portland, USA.

Numerous Ukrainians from different European cities are expected to come to Davos (Switzerland) on January 23 to rally for European authorities to stop terror in Ukraine.

“Tomorrow, Davos must become the most Ukrainian city of Western Europe. So I invite Ukrainians, temporarily or permanently residing in Europe, to join in and spend Thursday at the Davos ski resort,” reads Facebook page of someone named Oleinikov.

The delegates of the European countries will gather at the famous ski resort of Davos for the 44th World Economic Forum to discuss the key issues of the global economy. In particular, participants will discuss the prospects of Ukrainian-Russian economic cooperation.

Присоединяйся к нам на канале в Яндекс.Дзен