Ukrainian author to US Ambassador: “In Kiev there is nothing dangerous except celebration of democracy”

Mr. Payette, I appeal to you as a known Ukrainian writer who has never taken or asked for grants in your country.

This letter is my personal initiative. It was not inspired by political parties or requests of oligarchic groups. But I'm sure my opinion coincides with the thoughts of many Ukrainian citizens whom you blatantly ignore. The other day, when unrest in the European area reached its climax, the press reported that Catlin Hayden, representative of the US National Security Council, demanded Ukrainian government TO WITHDRAW SPECIAL FORCES from the center of Kiev. Otherwise, she threatened Ukrainians with sanctions, including denial of visas to your country.

I believe that to a large extent her position as a representative of the White House is determined by the messages that come to Washington from the US Embassy in Ukraine. That is, from you, Mr Ambassador. But at the moment the order in the capital is kept precisely because these "special forces" (i.e., different units of the Interior Ministry) are located the center of the capital of my country, and I would not want them to go away on the advice of foreigners, for the leaders of our opposition, as practice shows, are unable to control the various militant groups. Convey this simple idea to your government.

If you think otherwise, discard the Ukrainian police protection around your Embassy in Kiev and remove the iron FENCE with a minimum height of 4 meters, used to shield your new residence near the "Beresteyska" metro station on the street that until recently was called the Tank Street. Why all these unnecessary security measures? Indeed, in Kiev, there is nothing dangerous, except of CELEBRATION OF DEMOCRACY?

Perhaps my independent position will surprise you. But I have achieved success in my own country without foreign aid and believe that we are able to solve our problems without prompting from the outside. The less the US officials interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, the faster it will become one of MORE SUCCESSFUL countries in the world.

Присоединяйся к нам на канале в Яндекс.Дзен