Chernigov tanks are not going to Kiev

The tanks are sent to the Odessa region. Their transportation was planned two months ago, as a transfer of excess weapons to other military unit.

On the evening January 22, the military transferred to Chernigov three tanks of the 1st Tank Brigade, placed in the Goncharovsk village, a part of 8th Army Corps. Tanks are on the freight railway station “Chernigov North”. On January 23, three more tanks will be brought here. Afterwards, all six tanks will be sent to one of the military units in the Odessa region, reported Colonel Vadim Mysnik, head of the regional PR center, Ministry of Defense. Transfer of the tanks was planned two months ago. The purpose - to redistribute excess weapons between military units.

Earlier members of social networks spread information that military units and armored vehicles from Chernigov sent to Kiev. Some media circulated the news without verifying that there is no heavy military equipment located on the territory of Chernigov.

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