The NATO shooter is shooting in Hrushevskogo Street

According to the press-service of the Party of Regions, its people's deputy Yevgeny Balitskiy stated that one of the victims, who died during the clashes in Hrushevskogo Street, could have fell victim of the NATO shooter.

"One of the participants of the protest, who died, could have been killed by a shooter. It is possible that it was a professional contractor of one of the NATO countries, who was brought by order of the radical wing of the opposition," the UNIAN news agency quotes the statement.

"Today, all citizens of Ukraine could make sure that political extremists and terrorists, attacking the law enforcement officers and the civilians, threaten everybody and the entire Ukrainian society," Yevgeny Balitskiy stressed.

Appealing to the representatives of the opposition, he also stated: "Did the foreign technologies of organization of the revolution fail? That is why you decided to play the war, using the people, who trusted you, as cannon fodder, didn't you?! And can you yourself answer people, what is your objective?! To destroy Ukraine, to create hostility between people?! What can you offer today and not only today, to those people, who believed you?!"

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