Speaker of the Crimean parliament: the Crimean residents demand restoring order in the country and protecting their right to live in peace

Most of the Crimean residents are unhappy with the events taking place in Kiev and demand protection of their right to a peaceful and stable life, said the Chair of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov at a press conference after an extraordinary session of the Crimean parliament on January 22 in Simferopol.

Konstantinov noted that Crimean residents apply both to him personally and to the parliamentary “hot line”. “The degree of disturbance in Crimea begins to rise. People cannot understand why they go to work, do useful things, want to maintain stability, and someone want to deprive them of this,” said the speaker.

Head of the Parliament also stated that he considers state of emergency as a viable solution. According to him, the time for debate is over.

"Today there are people who openly and publicly violate order in the country. I hope that the central government, voted for by the vast majority of the Crimean people, will cope with their responsibilities and preserve the state. My citizenship position is the same as for the majority of Crimean residents - we demand the central government to restore order in the country," said Konstantinov.

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